by Luka Lesson

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released May 1, 2014

Executive Producer: Jordan Thomas Mitchell
Track 2 Produced by James Mangohig
Track 3 Produced by ISHU
Recorded and mixed at A-string Studios, Beijing.



all rights reserved


Luka Lesson Australia



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Track Name: Babylon

Verse 1
I’m a monster
Love me back
I’ll pounce in your honor
Prostrate to the gods
Awaiting for me procreate another lamb for the slaughter

None taller
8th wonder
I risk it all to kiss the abyss
athiest and a christiano

To the preachers
The demons
The seekers
The leaders that blow
For the betterment of most
The feathers on the crow
The pediment we sow

I pace my flow
So the haters can taste their choke
Resurrect their carcass
To take their ghost
I was pre-hate
Now I premeditate you'll never take my
Either I die inside
Or I
Aspire to let it fire tonight
Or I
Step inside this dynamite
And I
Let this lightning light the sky
So I

I keep this electric
So my dreams stay elected
I'll increase my perspective
And decrease their correction
I'll deceive their deceptions
And relieve their infections
I'll breath in my direction
And inflict my inflection

Verse 2
Big Bang through your eardrum
Chaos Theory in your cochlear
Fireworks in your arteries
The battle of the Somme of insomnia

Landscapes of the give and take
Your sweat is my tongue on your nape
Neck break
Your liver's delivered up on my plate

It'll never be heaven so never wait
It'll ever be better long as you pray
To the devil and angel on every step that is left
When you attempt to impress upon the place

I am a blessing and a curse
I am the lesson and the learnt
I am the petrol in the hearse
αφτος ο λουκας ο ελλινας και το Turk

Verse 3
They can't ever be touching what I be gushing
I’m gutting the fucking government
They guzzling the blood of the public
Puzzlin how they be muzzlin the truth
Pushing buttons - bubblin up all the trouble in the youth
I see my lovers in the news
Huddling and amongst the rubble and the troops
Humble under guns crumblin’ they stumblin’ in their boots
Better they pick up and shoot or tie knots in a noose
What else they gonna do?

They never get into the sedatives they sellin’ us
They never settle for the their level of malevolence
They tellin’ them the terrorists
And it's the pressure from the pessimists
They getting restless - of course they gonna level it
Embezzling, the President is nothing but a resident
A puppet of apocalypse so how you gonna measure it
Us Westerners, we all wanna revel in the rebellion
But the question is whether our presence is even relevant
Track Name: Labyrinth

Verse 1
Born in an earthquake
I learnt fate was nothing but a cross between my search and my birthplace
Blood from Meltemi winds that speak to me
Where the mountains meet the sea
On an Island of dreams
I mean
East of where Minoans first made mosaics
West of where Jesus once spoke Aramaic
North of where Hypatia taught algebraic
South of where Athenian theories were formulated

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I found the Labyrinth
In the ground
Wet from clear water coming down the mountain
I’d never seen a labyrinth
How was I to establish
It was grounded in a battle
Like it was a map of Nazareth town?

The Labyrinth grew from earth
From patterns in the dirt
Heard a battalion converge
I heard the call of birds

We’re all born into a labyrinth at birth
We’re all born into a labyrinth at birth
On a search

Come follow me
I will guide you in to the middle
Every step you take
Every mistake you make
I will guide you in to the middle

Verse 2
Escaping execution
I ride to retribution
Two moons in the sky
A diamond in my eye
An eagle by my side
A letter from a beggar telling me to turn six lefts
And twenty-seven rights

Assembling the evidence
On a quest to find the centre of this

I’ve been banished to the desert
and resurrected a Bedouin
He’s telling me the essence of why I’m eloquent
And how I’m heaven sent

And then he let me know:
“Be as powerful as the owl that glows
and as wise so that you never choke”

Before he left
He gave me many letters and notes
And taught me how to read the sand dunes
Like a Rosetta Stone

And that was hieroglyphics
So he reminded that writers were invited
To fight at the Olympics
With their lyrics

He said: “The earth is made up of words;
It’s a labyrinth of knowledge
We all enter at birth
On a search”


Verse 3
I walked forthright
I paused
Caught sight
Of four knighted horsemen
Drawing swords in the torchlight

All four corners of the labyrinth were in plain sight
So I remained calm
Took the reins
And got my aim right

I shot straight past
They made way and chased hard
I prayed to the grace of God to lay the path

Had gotten so
Grotty, still no-
Body knows
Where the Autumn snow shows
Where our footprints go

They started shooting guns
I knew that they had won
A bullet through my lung
Just like a setting sun
And like a setting sun
My demise is my rising
When seen from the other side
Of the horizon

So as I ate the dirt
It reminded me of church
I took Communion from the crust of the earth

We exit a labyrinth at death
It’s the same one we enter
At birth
On a search
Track Name: Celebrate the Storm

Verse 1 – Luka Lesson
This is for my people who celebrate the storm
Cross borders and ignore
Whenever they are warned

This is for my people who climb up the mountains
Never caught lounging
Who light up their lanterns

This is for my people who have fought and won
For the fallen ones
And for those who have just begun

This is for journeyers
Pilgrims on the path
Forgetting the past
Finding diamonds in the dark

You don’t know when you will die
So celebrate tonight
You don’t know when light will dawn
So celebrate the storm

Verse 2 – Nahko Bear

This is for my people who are lying in their graves
This for my people who were buried there today
This is for the wolf clan
Bear clan
Sand man
Wing Nation
Every beautiful relation
This is for the gatekeepers
Guardians and Angels
Culturally appropriated people
This is for the old growth
Fresh-water rivers
Thunder bring us light
To bring us closer to the spirit

Verse 3 - Luka
This is for the kids who can't even write a sentence
But police still try to get sentenced

This is for the poets and writers
Those that inspire us
Warriors of the mind
Fighting between the lines

This is for those who know the truth in their hearts
And believe it even when the world tears it apart

This is for the migrants who come in on the tides
The stars that inspire them
To leave their lives behind them

This is for the citizens
First Nations Indigenous
My respect for you is just limitless

This is for critics who said I shouldn’t dream
I know you only hate me cause you know you can’t believe

This is for the party people
Friday night relief
For the DJs who play it loud
Just to bring us peace

This is for my people who dance to this rhythm
Just to get the energy to fight the system

Track Name: Exit

As the sun sets
The galaxy rises like a map of eternity
I wash my eyes with the white of clouds
So I can read God's fingerprints
Like dust
On her ceiling

Under the reflection of the moon
The rain is like a spiral staircase falling onto the earth
That needs to escape

As the heart of humanness hums in the canopy of city
Still perfecting its call to inspiration
Trees grow seeds for spring
Oceans fly south for the winter

So I walk through cemeteries of hope
And see my conscience in the marble of mortality

I know the wind has a crush on me

And it won’t stop until I’m caught by her currents
Turned into the shadows of thunder
Used to resonate shards of hearts
Into the atmosphere

We are all spores
Blown by our ancestors
Who were as unsure of us as we are of them

So let the tricks of history besiege me
As I place rubies in my palms and set off into rough
Searching for answers I know may never come

Looking to capture a horizon straighter than any truth
I could possibly believe

A horizon that falls further away from me
As I take each step
Into the future
Track Name: For Our Women


Change’ll come if I raise a fist, they say
Gotta keep straight
“Stay on the path
Gotta take a risk” they say
Gotta meet fate
“Gotta fight or they take my life”, they say
“Gotta fight for what is right”, they say

Or whatever they like,
‘cause whatever they write
is whatever they say, they say
They say “They look just like you”
They say “They disguise the truth”
They say “Our proof is proof and their proof is just useless, like you”
They say “Think for yourself, just like everyone else…”
“Just don’t listen to them, only we can change the world”

“Change’ll when they stop the war,” they say
Gotta bring peace
“Gotta be the change, gotta rearrange,” they say
Gotta find me
“And when the troops invade,” they say
“Don’t turn to hate… just pray,” they say
“And if you die
No need to cry
Sleep safe in the grave” they say
They say they look just like you
They say they hurt just like you
They say “our truth is truth
and their truth is just useless, like you”
They say “Don’t think for yourself
Think of everyone else.
Get killed and go to heaven
Make a kill and go to hell”

Change’ll come when I raise a gun they say
Better be game
“Don’t play for fun
No time for love” They say
Better stay sane
“They come they shoot your brain”, they say
They come they shoot for days, may day
“They aim for you, better learn the truth,
or you lose the game they play”

They say “They look just like you”
“Except they disguise the truth”
They say “Our truth is truth and their truth is just useless, not you”
They say “Don’t think for yourself”
They say “It’s bad for your health”
“That’s what happened to them,
that’s why we send them all to hell”
Track Name: Crystaline

Oh no don’t hide from me
And I won’t lie to me
I know my mind has been
Away in silence, seen
So many types of you
I know the light in you
And all the shades of grey
Won’t let us fade away

Verse 1
Another broken promise
I mean I meant it in the moment but I choked and forgot it
I steady the hand to jot it
but these nerves are neurotic
She says my words are cursed
I should’ve never been a poet

My little lightning strike
They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice
But my storm has been a warning since we first locked eyes
And her tears have been pouring – now the well runs dry

And this shit is the problem
I’m not as good at love as I am at writing love songs
I hope my verse is cursed and these words are wrong
I hope this beat beats me up
But keeps us strong

Carla Simone
I know our love is flesh and blood and mud to the bone
I know we’ve tried and tried but we’ve both been wrong
I know I’ve been a headache
You never left me alone

I know the crystalline misaligned
Distance tried to twist the line
Between being mystified and my wish to try
And convince my mind
To be the man in your life


Verse 2
My little thunderclap
You’re the one that gave me the strength to run and that
Was the reason I’d always have to run right back
I love the rose of your cheeks
Every mark on your back

And I fucked up
I’ll admit to the blame
I never learned to connect with the love that you gave
I made excuses and used my shame in a way
That told me I wasn’t worthy of your light and our fate

My only love are the words
That stick around long enough to deal with the hurt
That drive through my pages
That pave my dirt
But I don’t want to be good at this
I want to be hers

I know I get claustrophobic
As the door closes
My bones are exposed
And I lose all composure
And my promises are fodder for the longing for a better kind of road
And another kind of life
And the grass looks greener and I find that I
No matter how perfect
No matter how right
I leave and sabotage what’s right

I know the crystalline misaligned
Distance tried to twist the line
Between being mystified and my wish to try
And convince my mind
To be the man in your life
Track Name: 5th Season

I wrestle with my demons
In the attempt to take control
At midnight
The fifth season
When even the summer's burning cold

I've been staring into mirrors
Trying to mine my eyes for gold
I guess that's why I drink these spirits
Because I'm searching for my soul

I've lived upon this dirt
Dodging cracks in a tangled search
Frankincense has burnt beneath my skin
I've wished upon the birds

I've heard voices in the moon
Seen their faces in the waves
So when the tides are at their highest
I spray their verses to my page

I've had those oceans rise and fall for me
The doves fly in with the bats
I've had no-one come to lend a hand
And hundreds stand to clap
So I've convinced myself of my own genius
And I've hated with a passion
Every second word I've written
So my pages read in patterns

I've learnt the thin line
Between speaking and staying silent
There's no difference between keeping quiet
And just preaching to the choirs

I am the hopeless and the hope
The spoken and the choked
I'm the place to pray to make it mend
And the way that it first broke

I am the message to the rest of us
To never look inside
Unless you're ready to know your position
In the consciousness of life

So I am exactly where I want to be
And I’ve almost killed myself for the chance
So I hold the responsibility
That comes with finding some answers

Γράφω ποιήματα στον ήλιο
λόγια πρακτικά
γράμματα για τους Έλληνες
που δεν μιλάν’ τα ψέματα*

Έχουν καρδιές
που δεν φοβούνται τα πουλιά
θα σκοτώσουμε τους κλέφτες
και φωνάξουμε τα κρυφά*

I have spoken to the earth
In so many different tongues
I'm sure she only knows me
From the volume of my lungs

She has spoken in the clouds
I hear similes in the leaves
Metaphors in the now
Desires in the breeze

I have listened through my skin
Osmosis through my tears
I have focused with my body
Her smoke has burnt me crystal clear

Because this search is not a stepping stone
A journey or a path
This search is a letting go
Back into the shapes we were first cast

Because we all wrestle with our demons
In the attempt to take control
At midnight
The fifth season
When even the summer's burning cold

We all stare into mirrors
Trying to mine our eyes for gold
I guess that's why, sometimes, we drink these spirits
Because we’re all searching
For our souls

* I write poems to the sun
practical words
letters for the Greeks
who don’t speak lies
* Who have hearts
that aren’t scared of birds
we will kill the thieves
and shout our secrets
Track Name: Dust Particles in the Sunlight

Verse 1
The golden age of method of madness
Time passes – hour-glasses full of my own name
Drip opaque passages
Like wind chimes of life's grace

I've made it a habit
I'm glad it’s the faces that change
More than hope's accent learns to accentuate
All of my pain

I leave my home where weatherboards shake
In storms their nails pattern my skin with full-stops as my bows break
Now I take a set back
Add an opportunity and mix
Sprinkle endurance and listen to chinks of two glasses
Toasting the impossibility of this

Our existence is as listless as no risk
It’s as if we've twisted into the option of no target so we can't miss
We forgot how to shoot
So when they come for you
Cock back your gun and tell them you're ready to lose

You won't feel the winter when it's gone
Only feel the summer when it comes
So when purpose has gone numb
9-5 feels alive
And torchlight seems like the sun

You won't feel the winter x 4
You won't see the sun

Verse 2
I hardly write anymore
Just scrawl letters on my palm to keep score
And a pencil through my temple
Seems a step in the right direction I'm sure
So what’s fake?
What's this snake wrapped around my tongue as I draw
From an entity that enters me when my potential is met with the best of me
And we talk

My locked jaw is blocked - sore
From the pot-holes my plot fought
Against hip-hop even though that's who I fucking rock for
And what's more
Life is up for grabs
Down for the bidding
If you've got enough cash you can by us freedom
Even though my math keeps me twice bitten - or beaten
I'm sure that I don't need it

Happy to be free from both the affluence
And affliction of every season
Though the journey to the top is treacherous
Success does not require us committing treason

Being rich won't give you brains
And being poor won't make you numb
But if your purpose has gone numb
You won't feel the winter or see the sun

Track Name: An Oracle

From the oceans of eternity
The future circles her prey
She’s travelled through an oracle to meet me here
Just to come and crash in a wave

Verse 1
Personal parenthetic
Sounds aesthetic
Aversion though
Habanero to burn and choke
And it’s the track that made it happen
So I rap in sacred patterns
And they call me a de Bergerac with vertigo
Or Napoleon Bonaparte
My bones have been blown apart
Two eyes to get to know it like I’m Noah’s arc
One moment
One play
If the whole world’s a stage
Then I’m Shakespeare’s grave

Verse 2 – Jordan Thomas Mitchell

Lighter fluid on Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”
All of the colours run down into a pool of liquid
Red burns the hues of the yellows
Overwhelmed the politeness of the blues
and the greens at the helm
strike a match
Light a the cigarette ash
all over the broken craft
let it burn down back into soot
into the minerals that formed its materials
Like wine grapes crushed under a foot
How can one possibly measure all that it took
To refine diamonds from gold
Whole generations of living beings dead
Decayed, reformed and sold in shops
Whole city blocks dance the dance to own rocks
I too will decay
I too will be carbon
I too will transform
and maybe someone will wear me on their necks
and people will see me and pay their respects
For the dead

Verse 3
Moments I’ve devoted
Emoted in the spoken
Provoking hope in hopeless
And cloaked in potent quotes
Opposing triggers loaded
And all nomadic omens
Emotions grow through thematic notions
Ecstatic oceans

But I write to heal all the scars
Every word is a bridge between Venus and Mars
And a dam to stop these wounds from cutting deeper
but Luka means wound in Bahasa Indonesia
And their custom is to teach ya
So I trust it no amnesia
I remember in the streets the Rhodesians would try to eat us
Now I’m feeding on the geniuses
That have faced what’s deceiving us
And leading to the keys to the teachings of the Sphinx and Oedipus

The teachings of the Sphinx and Oedipus
The lava in the womb of the earth – the heat in each of us
The pulse of the wings of a bird – Icarus
The pulse of your heart in a surge – the beat in each of us
Track Name: R.I.P.B.T.

Verse 1
I grew up
Prone to accidents
I felt strong
They kept happening
Two broken arms
A broken leg
Dislocated knee
And an open head
Every year I fell into another crutch
Stitched up
From an open cut
And when I spoke of luck
The sky turned grey
And opened up

I stuck
Posters up
Tupac convinced me to write
When I got emotional
Da Vinci had me
Thinking actually
I could change the word
With the stroke of a brush

So when my best friend was taken before his time
I wrote my first diary to the moon and asked it why
I was still alive

Verse 2
My bro came
And gave me space
And helped me dream
Of a greater day
And Mum and Dad they just stayed away
And I thought
‘They never liked him anyway’
And the pastor at school looked us in the eye
And told us it was normal if we’d cried
Until we burned inside

The boys at school and I wouldn’t wag school to play
But to
Visit his grave
Smoke weed
And pray
Rap along to ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ again for old times sake
Visit the spot he was hit
And read the messages on the bricks

That morning you woke up
And felt something was wrong
You put on your best suit
And asked your mother to take a photo of you
With your new baby brother
The only photo that exists
Then you got changed
Packed your bag with tools and got on your bike with no helmet
And rode
Track Name: Eloquent Abyss

Verse 1
They told me I could make it work

I wasn't ready for your heart to burst

The explosion of your lungs
The erosion of our love

They told me I could make you fantasise

And in effect resurrect the painted canvas I

Had splattered with my heart

Patterned with the stars

I'd fashioned it in glass

It was glowing 'till the winter came

Until the sun made way for the winds of change

I still pray for the simple days

Though you're to blame

I hope you're still the same

They told me love was gonna be a cinch
“As long as you talk
You never feel a pinch”
Since then every flame has made me feel a singe

Next time we hang out
Is if I'm being lynched

Because I'm drowning in our memories

Going to ground like a penalty

You’re making lovers of my enemies

I'm just trying to be a better me

I'm seeing double now I'm never sober

Two of you is like a four-leaf clover

And no good luck just good lies

I roll the dice

Snake eyes for my road signs

In the mist
Eloquent abyss

I see you twist
Illicit assist

If we kissed
then I'd be your bliss

But since we missed

I guess I'm just a risk

Verse 2
They say commitment is a test of fate

So I search my own doubts and assassinate

Though I know you think you told me the truth

A real truth hunts down a lie 

And executes

And even though you're cute

Your talk didn't stand up

So I take aim and shoot

They say that's what a real man does 

And when the clouds cry
We let them storm 

And when the grounds dry
We know we're getting warm

I found life—I'm getting born

And when the birds fly 

We let them swarm

This is not the way to make a start

This is not the way to break a heart

This is not the way to make it last

If you're coming first 

I'll take the last

In the mist
Eloquent abyss

I see you twist
Illicit assist

If we kissed
then I'd be your bliss

But since we missed

I guess I'm just a risk